Mahabodhi Documentary & Film Production Foundation

Mahabodhi Documentary & Film Production Foundation

Kimdol, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu-15, Nepal


MDFPF is an authorized institution for the production of documentaries and feature films regarding Buddhist education, religion, meditation, Buddhist pilgrims, Himalayan (Tibetan-Burmese) languages, especially grammar, literature, art, and traditions.

MDFPF is registered under the act of Nepal government. This non-profit organization is oriented towards conservation and development of the socio-cultural aspects and Buddhist teachings and pilgrimage.

The Foundation is mainly focused on the creation of overall happiness and prosperity among the people with the help of Buddha's profound teachings and help society rise above discrimination based on caste or creed, sex or religion etc..

MDFPF releases feature films and documentary movies based on The Tripitaka, Buddhist ritual, traditional inscription written and instructed by renowned Gurus (Masters) like Nagarjuna.

It also publishes biographies of revered masters and their preachings and with the purpose of conserving and spreading Buddhist knowledge, art, language and culture.

In addition to the making of movies and documentaries, it also creates audio CDs about religious teachings and develops different programs that mutually reinforce each another.

The MDFPF team would warmly welcome anyone who is interested in working collaboratively with MDFPF programs as whether as a volunteer, a donor-member, or as a participant in other related activities of MDFPF.

Our main objective is to signify the unity of one world, one family, one destiny and one amicable principal for people all across the world and do this by the creation of a peaceful, friendly and tolerant social environment by establishing good relations with all political, social, religious, governmental or non-governmental institutions and organizations through Live streaming onlive TV, extensive publicity of religious DVDs, documentary movies and through other forms of mass communication.

The MDFPF makes available of several different membership options as follow: general consumer member, lifetime consumer member, general donor member, lifetime donor member and volunteer member.