This show is based on historic fact of Life of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha that shows how a prince Siddhartha, became a Buddha.

Based on the life and journey to enlightenment of Prince Siddhartha, this epic story narration will be presented by Angarika Guruma who has mastered in Buddhism and involved to teach Buddhism from college, television and direct community since long time.

Venerable Guruma presents on how the young warrior prince attained enlightenment and became Buddha. Each episode of the show contains different avatars and struggling phases of Prince Sidhartha Gautama.

From the life story of Buddha, people can get inspire to do better for others and themselves to attain peace of mind, happiness and prosperity including enlightenment in one’s life. 

The Show airs thrice a week- 30 minutes per episode. Making 156 episodes in a year. 

MCR Team: Recording, Sound, Technical parts- Three people 

Studio Team: Camera, light, sound etc. -Three people

Presenter: Angarika Gurumaa 

Production Team: Editing, Sound, Colouring –three person