This show is presented by Acharya Tashi Chophel  who is a Graduate in masters from Namdroling Monastic University where around seven thousand residential  students study Buddhism and philosophy and go to retreat for at least three years  and three months. This University is located at Mysore, South India.

Himali Paathshala (Himalayan Learning School) aims to train students of all ages and casts throughout the globe about Himalaya (Tibetan) study of reading, writing listening and speaking Himalaya language and Buddhist Text. 

Anyone interested to learn basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advance level course on Himalaya language and Buddhist text they take immense benefits from this special training course of Himalaya learning school.

The Episode airs thrice a week- 30 minutes per episode. Making 156 episodes in a year. 

MCR Team: Recording, Sound, Technical parts- Three people 

Studio Team: Camera, light, sound etc. -Three Person

Presenter: Tashi Chophel Lopen

Production Team: Editing, Sound, Colouring- Three Person