Pakistan to Promote Buddhist Pilgrim

3 years ago

Pakistan to Promote Buddhist Pilgrim

The efforts being made by the Pakistani government to promote religious tourism. Prime Minister Imran Khan's vision for promoting religious tourism is welcoming and appreciable in the Buddhist world.

A fourteen-member delegation comprising senior Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka arrived in Lahore on Monday to undertake a week-long religious pilgrimage to various Buddhist heritage sites in Pakistan.

Group is led by Abbott and the president of Dharmavijaya Buddhist Vihara, Dr Walpole Piyananda Thero along with Dr Assaji Thero, Dr Bodagama Chandima Thero, Hipankande Saddasiri, Anunayake Thero, Dr Pallegama Rathanasara Thero, and others.

They will visit Islamabad, Taxila, Shahbaz Garhi, Takht-e-Bhai and Jehanabad (Swat) after a two-day stay at Lahore.

Monks started their journey with a visit to the Lahore Museum. Lahore Museum houses some of the finest remains of the Gandhara civilisation and rare Buddhist relics.

‘Tooth relics of Lord Buddha’, the ‘Bone relics of Lord Buddha’ and the ‘Body Ashes of Lord Buddha’ are venerable Buddhist relics in the museum. Among many artefacts, the ‘Fasting Buddha’ and ‘Sikri Stupa’ dating back to 2 BC holds important places. The delegation visited various sections of the museum including statues and other remains of Buddhist heritage that have been preserved.

They took a keen interest in various historical statues and stupa put on display at the museum. The delegation will soon hold meetings with the officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony and meet President Dr Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. 

The visit was arranged by the High Commission of Pakistan Colombo, Sri Lanka with a view to promote religious tourism in Pakistan by showcasing the historicity.

Pakistan is home to the glorious Gandhara civilisation and the Gandhara Buddhist civilisation. This trip has given rise to the hope that the embassies in the Buddhist majority countries would follow this suit and arrange similar visits. This would eventually highlight the soft image of the country and contribute to the promotion of religious tourism in Pakistan.

Pakistan is home to the ancient Buddhist civilisation which has remained hidden from the eyes of the world over the years. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to promote religious tourism to earn valuable foreign exchange will support it economically.