Vajrayana which literal meaning is, “Thunderbolt Vehicle” in Sanskrit:  or “Diamond Vehicle” in the form of Tantric Buddhism was developed in Nepal, India and neighbouring countries, in autonomous region of Tibet. 

Vajrayana practice is a swift path to achieve enlightenment within a life without hardworking and time taking practices. It is completely full of easy method to clean negative karma of body speech and mind.

Practitioners without sacrificing own comfort one can easily convert each and every activity into practice and thus enjoying the general life practitioner achieve highest level of enlightenment namely Mahamudra and Mahasandhi equal to Buddhahood.

This show will be presented by Dr. Rajendra Man Bajracharya (Vajrayana Guru), Chairman, Association of Vajrayana Buddhist & Mahaviharas – Nepal. From the show Vajrayana Buddha Dharma.

One can learn about principle, empowerment, text, mythology, theology, archaeology, of Vajrayana Buddhism, vajrayana rituals, practices, Vajrayana visualization practices and it’s importance.

Vajrayana visualization practices and mantra are particularly effective, incorporating meditation that fully engages all of Body (breath and posture), Speech (mantra), and Mind (visualization).

This purification practices can also be called as healing practices.  These practices heal and purifies negativities and obstacles. As our defilements and negative karmas are the cause of our suffering, including illness this practice encourages one to do positive karma. 

This show will also guide follower to chant the tantric mantra and all the text according to tradition.

The Show airs twice a week 30 minutes per episode. Making 104  episodes in a year. 

MCR Team: Recording, Sound, Technical parts- Three Person

Studio Team: Camera, light, sound etc. -Three Person

Presenter: Dr. Rajendra Man Bajracharya

Production Team: Editing, Sound, Colouring Three Person